High-efficiency water-saving urinal


Product Overview

The ModernLife™ collection embraces modern essentialism: where striking design must also serve a purposeful function. Wasteful extravagance gives way to elegant efficiency. Clean lines provide both pleasing aesthetic and an ease of cleaning.


  • Sleek and modern design evokes simple elegance
  • All-round glazing over highly vitrified ceramics ensures high-quality protection and eliminates cracks; the coating on the ceramic surface makes water droplets slide down more quickly without accumulation, reducing the amount of detergent and water requir
  • The white ceramic coated drain cap is integrated with the design, which easy to clean and more corrosion-resistant
  • Carefully designed removable urinal water tank cover not only provides customers with storage, but also makes maintenance easier and simpler
  • Matches a range of sensors for 0.5L/1L/3L flush options, meeting LEED green building standards
  • Compatible with 0.5L/1L/3L, in line with LEED green building standards
  • 360-degree high-temperature vitrified ceramic glaze ensures high-quality glazed surface protection
  • The excellent coating on the ceramic surface can make the water droplets slide directly like the lotus leaf effect, and the stains are difficult to adhere, less Water and detergent to make cleaning easier


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