ModernLife™ Fixtures Collection

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ModernLife™ Collection

The ModernLife™ collection by Kohler is the very essence of understated contemporary chic. It is where aesthetics meet functionality, where sleek meets elegant, where simplicity meets timeless style.

The look is smooth and linear, creating a feel that is pleasingly minimalist and supremely practical. With its focus on versatility, the ModernLife collection is an ideal choice for architects and interior designers. 

In our modern lives we continuously seek convenience and comfort. We need our bathrooms to be havens that are as beautiful and as clean as they are refreshing. The KOHLER® ModernLife collection rises to this aspiration. Clever design features are combined with easy-to-clean surfaces to create stylish forms that integrate with a diverse palette of interior concepts.

Winner of a Red Dot Design Award, the ModernLife wall-hung toilet embraces a core ethos that binds form with function and adaptability. Space-saving, sleek and simple to maintain, the ModernLife collection perfectly reflects the idea that great design should look stunning wherever you place it.

ModernLife™ Design Story

The ModernLife™ collection is an elegant expression of practicality, hygiene, and contemporary styling. Developed at Kohler’s London Design studio, the ModernLife team envisioned a collection that would be easy to specify and simple to clean.

Versatile design is also a signature feature. Originally aimed at the hospitality industry, the collection’s discreet design fits as perfectly into compact spaces as into larger bathroom interiors, and from traditional to contemporary spaces.

The wall-hung ModernLife toilet won a prestigious Red Dot Design award for its space-saving design and easy-to-clean features. Its seamless aesthetic allows for a quick, hygienic wipe down. The toilet’s rimless edge is angled toward the interior to allow any excess fluid to drain directly into the bowl, ensuring cleanliness at all times.

The ModernLife collection was the fruit of an intensive creative and engineering process. Over of the course of several years, Kohler designers and engineers turned out hundreds of product iterations. Many months were devoted to physical product comparisons and global competitor evaluations. Passion and a belief in the relevancy of the collection are ultimately what helped drive it through.