Designed to exceed every expectation, KOHLER smart toilets combine stunning forms with advanced technology to create an intuitive, personalized experience of comfort and cleanliness.



Combines unmatched design and technology for a personalized hygiene and entertainment experience.


A high-performance flushing platform with advanced water technology for a comforting personal hygiene experience.


A bold, minimalist design, featuring flowing, balanced curves, that offers hygiene and comfort with the convenience of hands-free operation and automatic controls.


An affordable option that integrates quality flushing performance and personal cleansing functionality into a versatile design.


Welcoming serenity paired with the comfort and convenience of personal cleansing.

KOHLER® Smart Toilets

Modern design is gravitating toward a seamless integration with technology. Form and function combine to create products that are as beautiful as they are pleasurable to use. KOHLER smart toilets epitomize this holistic approach with clean lines, forward-thinking features and leading-edge designs that blend seamlessly with next-generation technology. With features that include personal cleansing, individual temperature settings and soft nighttime lighting, KOHLER smart toilet features offer customizable comfort that fits easily into classic and modern global projects.

KOHLER smart toilets with approachably sophisticated designs and space-saving footprints make a stunning design statement; they can be found in world-class projects across the globe. Specify an smart toilet in your next global project and elevate both the bathroom design and end user bathroom experience.