Mandrin Oriental Hotel

Mandarin Oriental Hotel

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Project Location

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Shenzhen

Architects and Designers

SOM and BTR Workshop

The Mandarin Oriental is a luxurious high-rise hotel that offers floor-to-ceiling views of a modern metropolis, Shenzhen Bay, and the mountains of Hong Kong. Despite its contemporary design, the hotel maintains respect for traditional Chinese art motifs and the rich history of Shenzhen.

The hotel's grand entrance, lobby, and every guest room are beautifully adorned with an understated neutral color palette, complete with pops of color to create a soothing ambiance. The modern fixtures and amenities, high-end furnishings, and thoughtful design provide inviting and comfortable spaces for guests.

Each suite offers a spacious bathroom featuring sleek marble countertops and deep soaking tubs. Additionally, KALLISTA walk-in showers with top-of-the-line rainheads provide the utmost convenience. Inspired by the flowing forms of Japanese Zen gardens, KALLISTA One faucets complement the upscale atmosphere of the entire bathroom.

Sleek and modern with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic, KOHLER® Veil smart toilets offer comforts such as heated seats and integrated bidet wands, giving guests a truly indulgent and sophisticated bathroom experience.

Designed with the same level of attention to detail, the hotel’s common space restrooms feature KOHLER water-saving fixtures such as Loure touchless faucets and Patio urinals.

Sleek and contemporary KOHLER Oblo faucets offer touch-free hand washing and pair gracefully with geometric KOHLER Verticyl rectangular undermount sinks.

Please visit Live Artfully | KALLISTA website to learn more about the KALLISTA collection.