Hotel LeVeque: Art Deco

Hotel LeVeque

Art Deco, Updated

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Project Details for Hotel LeVeque

·        LOCATION:  Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A.
·        DEVELOPER:  First Hospitality Group, Inc.
·        ARCHITECT:  Charles Howard Crane
·        DESIGNER:  The Gettys Group


Columbus, the capitol city of the state of Ohio, U.S.A., is situated in in the middle of the state at the confluence of the Scioto and Olentangy Rivers. While much of the upper skyline was constructed in the 1970s and ’80s, the tallest of the city’s dozen or so skyscrapers was built in 1924 and stands out for its art deco design. This is LeVeque Tower, home to various residential, commercial and retail spaces, as well as a boutique hotel, the 149-room Hotel LeVeque.


For us, the finish was very important because it was really the hero of the bathroom.... we really wanted the Vibrant Brushed Bronze to be something special, to be a sparkle of elegance.

_____Ben Nicholas, Principal, The Gettys Group

A Modern Hotel with Jazz Age Vibes

A Modern Hotel with Jazz Age Vibes

From the stepped façade to the geometric ornamentation of its interior, the hotel is a specimen of the Jazz Age. The building began its life as a hotel, went through various owners and uses over the decades, and was ultimately redesigned and returned to its original hotel form in 2017 by hospitality design and development firm The Gettys Group.

Principal Ben Nicholas led the interior design effort. His vision was to honor the building’s architectural history while updating the design for modern luxury.

“Our challenge was: How do you create a modern hotel room, but respect the art deco style of the building and pull it through the interior design?” 

The interior design seamlessly blends the building’s original architectural features with contemporary design. One example of this is the building’s L-shaped footprint: the atypical hotel shape created bathroom spaces that were much larger than average hotel bathrooms.

Atypical bathrooms, Nicholas knew, needed atypical design choices—like a brushed bronze finish.

On the surface, the bathroom design is simple and monochromatic, with a custom scalloped white-and-gray wallcovering and white mosaic floor tile framed in black, both of which offer a nod to the building’s art deco past.

The walls and floor created somewhat of a blank canvas for Nicholas to use the design and finish of the plumbing fixtures as focal points. “We knew the plumbing fixtures had to speak to the luxury of the property. We couldn’t just do something simple. We wanted to find a perfect fixture that’s modern yet offered a wink to the history of the building.” 

Enter KOHLER® Purist™ collection faucets, accessories and showering products in Vibrant Brushed Bronze finish—accents that offer a golden sense of warmth and sophistication.

“For us, the finish was very important because it was really the hero of the bathroom,” says Nicholas.“ Given that all the other materiality in the bathroom was monochromatic, we really wanted the Vibrant Brushed Bronze to be something special, to be a sparkle of elegance.”

Partnering with Kohler proved to make the design and specification process seamless. “One of the great things in working with Kohler is that it’s just easy,” says Nicholas. “They always step up, they’re always thinking ahead and it’s always a comforting feeling to work with Kohler because I know they’re in it with me at every step.”

Visit the Hotel LeVeque website to see more.

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