The Hospitality Design of LODGE KOHLERSM

Crafting Hospitality at LODGE KOHLER

For more than a century, Kohler has executed industry-leading hospitality design through its portfolio of hotels and spas.

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  • LOCATION: Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA
  • DEVELOPER: Destination Kohler
  • ARCHITECTS & DESIGNERS: Kohler Architecture & Interior Design and Elness Swenson Graham Architects

Destination Kohler, the hospitality and real estate business of Kohler, operates a global portfolio of boutique hotels, luxury spas and private clubs. Destination Kohler properties not only feature the award-winning products Kohler is known for, but each is conceptualized, designed and specified from the ground up by the company’s in-house architectural team.

Kohler’s design expertise is on full display with LODGE KOHLER, an immersive hotel located 100 yards from Lambeau Field— home to the Green Bay Packers American football team. 

Exploring LODGE KOHLER ®

“Much like Kohler, the Green Bay Packers are well-known and historic with a passionate following and fan base,” explains Tim Andreas, Director of Architecture and Interior Design at Kohler. “While we wanted to make our presence known at Lambeau Field and expand our hospitality offerings, we needed to create something special.”

The challenge was in solving how a sophisticated four-diamond experience relates to the world of American football.

In order to create an authentic, synergistic relationship between the two entities, Andreas and his team relied on a unique combination of aesthetics and storytelling.

“We found a way to link the artistry of KOHLER to the artistry of sport,” says Andreas. “We didn’t want a superficial theme, we wanted a theme that met the core values of our brand and this stayed true to that path.”

We found a way to link the artistry of Kohler to the artistry of sport. We didn’t want a superficial theme; we wanted a theme that met the core values of our brand and this stayed true to that path.

Merging Hospitality Design with Local Culture

Aesthetically, Andreas and his team set out to capture the feeling of a fraternal lodge for guests looking for an authentic Green Bay Packers experience. Throughout the hotel, that aesthetic plays out in varied materials, finishes and experiences.

Since fraternal lodges often have brick, rich woods and classical architecture—much like The American Club® and other Destination Kohler properties—this was a symbolic way to link the two brands. Andreas and his team also manipulated the architecture to incorporate the brick exterior of Kohler corporate headquarters and other Destination Kohler properties. The design team wrapped the building around a central courtyard and incorporated indoor plant material, and iridescent glass.

“We ultimately used five different types of brick blends in order to tie the lobby together with the Kohler campus, along with luxurious finishes and fixtures,” Andreas explains. “Rich greens and golds, hearkening back to the Packers, helped round out the aesthetic.”

Andreas and his team incorporated a number of KOHLER products throughout the hotel, blending technology and design to create a unique experience for guests.

The Modern Luxury of LODGE KOHLER Bathrooms

Guest rooms feature spa-like amenities complete with Real Rain® overhead shower panels that mimic rain down to the infinitesimal drop. Designed with a water reservoir that relies on gravity to shape the individual raindrops, its unique nozzle geometry produces drops that build in speed and strength until the shower sounds and feels like a summer rainstorm.

Each shower panel is controlled by the brand’s DTV Prompt™ digital shower interface and valve. The easy-to-use system puts each guest in total control of their shower experience. A large, intuitive display gives them the freedom to design multiple configurations of sprays, while digital thermostatic valve technology guarantees accurate, safe temperature control.

Kohler Co. owns a family of elite brands that help bring total design solutions to any residential, commercial or hospitality space. Specifically used in LODGE KOHLER are ANN SACKS® tile, Robern® lighted mirrors and Hytec™ shower bases. Additional bathroom features include luxurious Abrazo™ freestanding bathtubs, Artist Editions™ sinks and faucets from Kohler’s wide range of selections including Artifacts™, Composed™, Symbol™, and Margaux™.

It all combines for functionality that offers superior comfort for guests and a sophisticated design aesthetic.

The LODGE KOHLER Spa, Restaurant and Other Amenities

This aesthetic extends to the pool and the full-service Kohler Waters Spa, located in the resort, where guests can restore themselves in the coed sauna, steam room and state-of-the-art hydromassage pool. Here, glazed bricks and tiles reference plant material and once again bring in the green and gold of the Green Bay Packers. It also helps create an indoor-outdoor feel with weathered woods and natural materials, fabrics, textures and patterns.

The hotel’s bar and fifth-floor restaurant offer unparalleled panoramic views of the stadium. Two private dining rooms are available for meals and events to take game day to a whole new level. Additional hotel amenities include an indoor pool, café with outdoor terrace seating and enhanced fitness facility.

One of the last parts of the design process was the curation of photography and artwork. After discovering a private collection of never-before-published images of the Green Bay Packers, the design team licensed images from the collection, selecting specific games and moments from the team’s history to use throughout the space. Key images that reflect the artistry and athleticism of sport, all in black and white, capture the true essence of the team and the game.

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