Privé at Island Estates

Privé at Island Estates

High-tech fixtures, modern design and endless vistas define exclusivity in Aventura’s ultra-luxurious island high rise.

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  • LOCATION: Aventura, Florida, USA
  • ARCHITECT: Sieger Suarez Architects, Miami
  • DESIGNER: Interiors by Steven G.


South Florida is known for its abundance of ocean, palms and luxury condos. But travel to Aventura, a small strip of yacht-laden coastline between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, and you’ll find a distinctive specimen of ultra luxurious living with its own postal code, surrounded by vast swaths of blue bay water and even bluer sky. This is Privé at Island Estates, a twin-tower high-end residence located in the middle of Aventura’s Dumfoundling Bay.

Privé at Island Estates
Located in the middle of Aventura’s Dumfoundling Bay, the twin-towered Privé is the sole occupant of an eight-acre island.

Privé at Island Estates Overview

Originally conceived by development firm BH3, Privé comprises two low-density towers that rise 16 stories above the water and 80 condos measuring up to 9,500 square feet (2,900 square meters).  All the residences offer 360-degree views of the surrounding bay and ocean beyond. The property was impeccably designed by Sieger Suarez Architects (who are responsible for some of Miami’s most iconic residential buildings) and features all the amenities one could need—from a private marina and 20,000 square feet (6,000 square meters) of gym/spa space to a dog-walking service and fully integrated home-automation systems in every condo.

The relaxed coastal environment, temperate weather, luxury-housing boom and strong commerce of the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area, combined with international appeal as a culturally diverse region that attracts people from around the world, make the market desirable for residents and real estate investors alike. So, the biggest challenge with the property, says Michael Neumann, head of realty for BH3, was creating a living experience unlike anything the area had seen before in a market where real estate ranks among the most desirable in America. What puts Privé truly in a class of its own comes down to comfort and exclusivity. Everything about the property’s location, design and amenities is about having it all—and having it all to yourself. 

Privé at Island Estates
Each residence offers a 360-degree view of the surrounding bay.

Privé at Island Estates
The bathrooms in all Privé residences feature Carrara stone tile; ultraclear, low-iron glass; and KOHLER Numi intelligent toilets.
Privé at Island Estates
The bathrooms in all Privé residences feature Carrara stone tile; ultraclear, low-iron glass; and KOHLER Numi intelligent toilets.

Comfort + Technology

Inside the spacious modern residences at Privé—which start at $2.2 million—comfort means that technology is integrated into every aspect of daily life, thanks to a home automation system that dims the lights, adjusts the climate and even launches a playlist in the bathroom, all with the swipe of a finger.

In the bathroom, every condo is outfitted with a KOHLER® Numi intelligent toilet.  As the company’s   most advanced intelligent toilet, Numi™ offers users the comfort of personalized bathroom experiences in a sleek, modern design. Users can specify their exact preferences from an array of Numi features, which include:

  • Hands-free motion-activated heated seat
  • Foot warmer
  • Colored ambient lighting
  • App-controlled speakers with wireless streaming
  • Automatic flush

Additionally, Numi offers exceptional water efficiency and a cleansing functionality with a self-cleaning wand, precision air dryer and deodorizing filter all in one.

Julia Chi, senior designer with Interiors by Steven G., designed the interiors of Privé. The firm is known for its hospitality and high rise residential work in the area.

Privé at Island Estates
Privé at Island Estates
Privé at Island Estates
Privé at Island Estates
Privé at Island Estates
Privé at Island Estates

Luxurious Details

Each residential unit is unique, but the kitchen and the bathroom designs are uniform across them all, with clean lines, high-end Carrara stone and ultra-clear, low-iron glass finishes. Particularly with the   kitchen and bathroom spaces, Chi specified high-quality plumbing fixtures to help bring the story of luxury to life.

“Our hands touch them every day, so I always make sure they’re implemented in a way that suggests luxury,” she says.  “The knobs, the pressure of the spray, how things turn, the weight—they need to feel like pieces of jewelry.”

We love Numi because it’s a showpiece. It’s architecturally designed, it has a wow factor, and it’s well- integrated [into] the living spaces at Privé.

Privé at Island Estates
In addition to allowing users the benefit of personalizing their experience, Numi offers designers and architects a sleek, modern aesthetic that suggests elegance and style for any luxury living space.

Specifying KOHLER Numi

Jewelry is a term Chi also uses to describe the quality of the Numi intelligent toilet.  “We love Numi because it’s a showpiece,” she says. “it’s architecturally designed, it has a wow factor and it’s well integrated [into] the living spaces at Privé.”

In the specification process, the design team offered three toilet options, and the developers reviewed  the specs, designs and costs. Ultimately, they wanted a piece that spoke to the high level of exclusivity at Privé as a whole. The quality of KOHLER and the features of Numi fit perfectly.

Clients looking for exclusivity “always want something that’s atypical and unique, something that nobody else has,” explains Chi. “That marks the level of this toilet. It’s in a category that’s bespoke.”

Michael Neumann at BH3 agrees. “When our sales team takes people through the condos, the Numi toilet becomes part of the sales presentation,” says Neumann. “When they see an item like Numi, it adds credibility to everything else we’re telling them about the project. They start to realize that if we pay attention to that kind of detail in one piece of equipment in the bathroom, we pay attention to all details.”

And for residents who are investing millions of dollars in their condo units, quality in every detail—right down to the bathroom—should never be overlooked or compromised.

Visite the Privé at Island Estates website to see more.

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