Shower Valves and Controls

A variety of instillation types, product types and styles.


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Recessed Valves

Built in shower valves that are concealed behind the wall.

Exposed Valves

Valving and trim that is installed on the exterior of the wall.

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Digital Thermostatic Valves

Provide precise temperature control, required for Kohler Intelligent Showering Systems.

Thermostatic Valves

Valves that mix hot and cold water safely regulate temperature.

Pressure Balancing Valves

A single handle mixing valve that uses water pressure to safely regulate temperature.

Manual Mixer Valves

A single or two handle mixing valve that regulates temperature through manual activation.

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Controls that offer a modern look with clean, sleek lines and minimalist design.


Controls with a mix of traditional and modern style that have simple, symmetrical design.


Controls that offer a timeless look with elegant curves, soft lines and ornate details.

Digital Showering Overview

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