Experiential Luxury

Experiential Luxury: A 2019 KOHLER Perspective for Interior Design

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Kohler’s Perspective of the Year provides a design-centered framework for emerging ideas in the global marketplace. Through the Perspective of the Year, we seek to initiate a conversation about the relationship of architecture and design to developments within art, fashion, entertainment, business, lifestyles and other cultural touchstones.


Experiential Luxury

Experiential Luxury Defined

Experiential Luxury creates a rich and dynamic environment by indulging the senses on multiple levels, beckoning us toward an immersive experience, beautiful details and delightful sensations through the harmonious union of technology, color, pattern and material.

At its core, it is the combination of the right experience and the right expression. And only KOHLER® allows you to achieve one without sacrificing the other.

Experiential Luxury Delivered

Ours is a world in which the complexity of modern life often drives us toward the streamlined and simplified. Taken too far, the spaces we inhabit risk becoming sterile, lacking any personal expression. Experiential Luxury is our solution. It invites you to add an immersive experience to any environment.

Technology, pattern, material and color form the foundational elements through which Experiential Luxury is achieved. Together, through unexpected combinations and inspired expression, these elements not only captivate and delight but also reclaim our personal spaces as opportunities for experience — the ultimate luxury.

Experiential luxury is about layers of detail. It’s about layers of expression and bringing those together in a way that is charming, tasteful, expressive and personal.

_____Mark Bickerstaffe, Head of Design, Kohler Co.

The Perspective of the Year gives us an opportunity to connect with architects and designers. We look to them to inspire us, but we also look to ourselves to give them the tools to create those environments.

_____Erin Lilly, Decorative Design Studio Manager, Kohler Co.

Featured Products


Intelligent Toilets

Sophisticated design and unmatched technology deliver the finest in personal comfort and cleansing. Ambient lighting, wireless music, seat temperature and more can all be customized for a truly personalized experience.

Digital Showering

Digital showering transforms the daily routine through unparalleled precision and personalization. Sprays, steam, music and lighting harmonize to create an immersive, customized escape that delights all the senses.

Verdera™ Voice

Verdera™ Voice

With a built-in digital assistant, the Verdera Voice lighted mirror forms the hub of the smart bathroom. Voice-enabled technology connects each element to each other — shower, bath, toilet, mirror and faucet — transforming everyday moments from routine to remarkable.


The Kensho sink unites cultures by combining decorative Japanese stitching, known as sashiko, with the Italian acqueforti etching technique, resulting in gorgeous shapes and textures that add a touch of the sublime to any space.


With precise cuts and ultra-flat surfaces, Parallel faucets and accessories bring sophistication and controlled expression to the modern bathroom. Deliberately minimal, the dichotomy of round and square forms allows the design to enhance any space.