An Instant Classic

Traditional or contemporary, minimalist or maximalist, Matte Black exudes a sense of mystery and intrigue that makes a dramatic statement in any design. Its subtle texture and matte surface absorb its surroundings in a stunning display of adaptability.

Timeless Durability

Kohler applies its Matte Black finish using a robust powder-coating process that results in an exceptionally durable finish. To ensure peace of mind and lasting beauty, our Matte Black finish is subjected to rigorous testing that meets or exceeds all industry standards.

Essential Versatility

The depth and texture of Matte Black give it an extraordinary range that can make a bold impression in any of your upcoming projects. From hotels to high-rise residences, Matte Black makes an immediate statement of sophistication and luxury.


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Projects Featuring Matte Black

Explore the dynamic range and creative potential of the Matte Black finish in this gallery of projects, including the Saint Kate– Arts Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


Explore Saint Kate–The Arts Hotel