Veil™ Fixtures Collection

Meet the Veil™ Collection

Meet the Veil™ Collection

Bathroom fixtures have never looked so effortlessly beautiful. Inspired by the gentle flow of draped fabric, KOHLER® Veil fixtures collection is smooth, organic and elegant. Curvaceous shapes have been carefully honed to echo the human form, creating a feeling of comfort that says “unwind, relax, enjoy.”

Featuring sinks, a freestanding baths and toilets, the Veil™ fixtures collection cleverly balances ergonomics, innovative technology and creativity. The forms are asymmetrical, the aesthetic minimalist, the feel hauntingly natural. Simply put, this is a contemporary fixtures collection like no other, an unparalleled expression of artful yet functional design.

Using groundbreaking Supramic™ ceramic technology, Kohler ensures quality, strength and durability. Sensuous tapered edges offer a silky yet resilient finish. The Veil collection’s freestanding bath even features lumbar support for added comfort. The collection’s sculpted forms sweep and swirl, eliciting a soothing mindfulness that elevates the bathroom experience.

Though timelessly graceful, the Veil bathroom fixtures collection also features modern conveniences such as heated seats and dual flushing for toilets. The Veil collection has been designed to empower and inspire, embracing subtle notes of organic elegance that perfectly complement the contemporary bathroom.

Veil™ Collection Design Story

The Veil™ collection ceramic fixtures’ design story originates with the inspiring draped forms of hanging fabric and is characterized by a smoothly sensual, almost organic, aesthetic that is uniquely gestural and expressive.

Teams of Kohler designers and engineers collaborated closely in the development of the Veil collection. Their shared goal was to push the boundaries of ceramic fixture design for the bathroom, creating shapes and features that were not previously possible.

Molded into pure white sculptures of asymmetry, Veil ceramic fixtures appear strikingly different when viewed from various angles—creating a style that is always fresh and always interesting. Its flowing forms elevate the aesthetic of the bathroom space through soft, elegant lines and unexpected angles. Despite its effortlessly organic feel, each Veil fixture, from the luxurious deep-scooped bathtub to sculpted sinks, is a triumph of cutting-edge engineering, designed for both beauty and function.

A perfect synthesis of artful form and practical function, the Veil collection is a boldly original interpretation of the modern bathroom fixture, a forward-thinking design statement that is next- generation contemporary.