Memoirs™ Fixtures Collection

Meet the Memoirs™ Collection

Memoirs Collection

Since its debut in 1997, the Memoirscollection has been helping designers, architects and specifiers express their unique aesthetic points of view and has become an industry favorite. With classical lines and rich architectural style, the Memoirs collection includes fixtures and accessories, bringing seamless functionality and cohesive design to the bathroom.

The rich elegance of each piece can be seen in stylized lines, sweeping curves and ornate details intentionally built to reflect historically renowned furniture and architectural designs. Its crisp lines resemble crown molding, a detail that can recede into a room or can add a finishing touch that elevates it. Each detail makes Memoirs classic and timeless—sophisticated yet utterly approachable.

Memoirs Collection Design Story

The Memoirs collection began with a simple question: Why was every pedestal sink on the market elliptical?

Energized by the idea of creating a rectangular pedestal sink, the U.S. design studio turned toward two distinct design inspirations: the U.S. trend in the early ‘90s  of building stately, Southern-influenced homes and traditional wood molding.

A Kohler designer who grew up in a woodworking shop led an exploration of cornice and skirting woodwork. Through this research we developed an angular form and wood-inspired trim in keeping with the principles of classical decoration harking back to cornicing and stonework of ancient times.

Because of their shape, oval sinks are inherently more forgiving than precise angles during the production process. Slight variations occur naturally during firing. As a result, the straight lines and intricate detailing of the Memoirs pedestal sink required months of making subtle adjustments to create a shape as close to perfect as possible.

Originally inspired by a pedestal sink, the Memoirs Collection has grown to include other products and two distinct designs: Stately and Classic. After recently celebrating its twentieth anniversary, Memoirs continues to epitomize quality and timeless craft in traditional bathroom design.