Beitou™ Faucet Collection

The Beitou™ Faucet Collection

Beitou™ Faucet Collection

The KOHLER® Beitou™ faucet collection strikes a balance between architectural forms and stunning display of nature, allowing for the deeply resonant experience of water. The result is a peaceful interplay of invention and appeal that speaks to the quiet moments of sanctuary.

The design of the Beitou collection is simple, sleek and intentional, with details engineered to disappear into their surroundings, allowing the water to seemingly stand alone. At every flow level, the spout delivers uniform sight, sound and feel—an example of the extensive development and attention to detail that Kohler brings to each design. Celebrate water with one of three Beitou sink faucet configurations or three showerhead water experiences: Cascade, Rain and Laminar.

The Beitou™ Collection Design Story

The modern spa is simply a version of an ancient custom: using water to rejuvenate, relax and reinvigorate.

Our Shanghai design team led the design exploration of the Beitou collection, seeking to place natural experience first—a reflection of Asian values of nature, peace and tranquility. If a product could capture the essence of water in its natural environment, it could embody luxury.

Concepts that highlighted the simple beauty of water created a strong emotional connection—its movement, reflections, the feel upon fingers and its gentle sound when allowed to run free. The team drew inspiration from rivers, their meandering and passage around and over stone. Water rises, spring-like, and flows in a channel seemingly worn by water. There is intentionally nothing more. It is bound by the most basic geometry. Beitou’s cantilevered spout supported on a honed cubic pillar is designed to recede, creating a simple form that complements many settings.