Avid™ Faucet Collection

The Functional Elegance of the Avid™ Faucet Collection

Avid™ Faucet Collection

Smooth, sensuous, minimalist and graceful — these are all words that perfectly describe the KOHLER® Avid faucet collection. Yet it is so much more.

Drawing on the bold spirit of innovation and inspiration which lie at the core of Kohler’s design ethos, the Avid™ faucet collection and its accessories have been painstakingly honed into an expression of simplicity that is supremely elegant and satisfyingly functional.

Geometric yet soft, simple yet sensuous, the genius of the Avid faucet collection is drawn from its ability to retain the purity of minimalism while reflecting a complex and deeply human connection to shapes, forms and surfaces.

The Avid faucet collection is flexible without becoming clichéd, allowing designers to introduce a signature style that enhances the bathroom environment without sacrificing quality or creativity.

To ensure choice, the Avid faucet collection embraces a wide range of options and styles. Line-matched faucets are the perfect complement to the contemporary bathing space. Coherence of concept and diversity of choice give designers the freedom to innovate and customize.

The Avid collection represents leading-edge creativity that has the power to transform the bathroom into a place of sensory and stylistic beauty.

Avid Collection Design Story

To discover the potential for new and inspiring faucet designs, we continually converse with architects, designers and consumers worldwide, probing for insight and meaning that we can connect to new design. This work led us to debate emotion in modern design and consider how to craft minimalism, to prevent it from becoming impersonal.

A global design team, using cultural conversations as a springboard, set about encapsulating contemporary mood in metal, seeking sensitivity and emotional connection without sliding into embellishment or cliché.

The elegant, modern and somewhat feminine form of the Avid faucet collection was created by the U.S. design team following an extensive collaborative concept period. Fluid metal flows from deck through spout. As it turns forward, Avid splits, projecting a graceful fingertip-control lever forward. The lever connection is pushed as far back as possible to maintain a continuous flowing surface through the 90-degree turn.

By pairing painstaking simplicity with visual comfort, versatile Avid creates an inviting emotional response and coordinates with most contemporary bathroom interiors.

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