Artifacts™ Faucet Collection

Meet the Artifacts Collection

Artifacts™ Faucet Collection

The beauty of the Artifacts collection lies in its elegant and timeless styling. The charm and craftsmanship of early twentieth-century fixtures have been reinvented for the bathroom of today. From casual to formal, Artifacts is at home in any decor — giving you the freedom to interpret the collection. The faucet spouts, handles and finish options combine with accessories to bring an entire room together. With the Artifacts collection, the marriage of traditional style and luxury is possible.

We invite you to play while specifying the Artifacts collection. Create a cohesive look in just three simple steps: choose a spout, choose a handle, choose a finish. With six finishes to choose from, the Artifacts collection can fit into any design or color palette; choose a finish evocative of antique touches or one that shines brightly as standout statement.

The Artifacts Collection Design Story

The Kohler U.S. Design Studio turned to the past for inspiration designing the Artifacts™ faucet collection. Reimagining Edwardian design for today’s spaces, the team drew from turn-of-the-century designs that reflected the ingenuity and style of practical-minded craftsmen who made do with the resources at hand.

The Artifacts collection revives this approach in a world that embraces highly personalized design. Each piece of the collection is distinct in form and ornamental details, yet feel part of a whole. With multiple spout and handle options featuring detailed turnings and finials, you can compose a space one piece at a time, each piece chosen for its particular character.

At home in any decor, the Artifacts collection gives you the freedom to create a look unique to your clients.