Aleo™ Faucet Collection

Meet the Aleo™ Faucet Collection

Aleo Faucets Collection Overview

State-of-the-art products inspired this striking balance of minimalist design and intuitive function. Precise, flat surfaces and geometric profiles meld with curved, softened undersides, inviting the gaze and the touch.

Design the ultimate private retreat with the essential simplicity and beauty of Aleo. With its minimalist design, Aleo brings elegance into the bathroom, offering a reduction of complexity. A carefully considered flat-surfaced handle creates contemporary lines and offers complete control. A range of faucet heights allows designers to choose the perfect faucet from the perspectives of both form and function. No matter which faucet height is chosen, the functionality and quality of Aleo can be counted on to be a stylish solution in any hospitality space.

Aleo Faucet Collection Design Story

The design of the Aleo faucet collection resulted from our research into the evolving and complex nature of the modern urban lifestyle. As people seek balance between priorities at work and home, the role of the bathroom is evolving. It is an extension of living space, demanding the highest standards of design, hygiene, performance and intuitive functionality.

Our Paris design studio led the design of Aleo by exploring compact, democratic forms that convey quality and precision within a friendly form. With both masculine and feminine appeal, the resulting composition strikes the perfect balance between minimalist design and intuitive function.

Its flat-topped handle and spout have a clean, symmetrical edge that showcases precise construction. The underside of the spout is softened and approachable. All are seamlessly integrated with an engineered-polymer core that provides ease of maintenance.

Aleo Faucet Collection Products