Touchless Bathroom Sink Faucet (Cold Water Supply, without Power Supply Box 0.5GPM)


Product Overview


  • With a concealed infrared sensor window at the spout, the faucet is a design breakthrough to retain a sense of style as well as maintain stability and sensitivity.
  • With a flow rate of 0.5GPM, the water-saving model meets the US LEED water-saving standards.
  • The patented KOHLER® alkaline batteries do not need to be replaced for up to 7 years, reducing maintenance costs.
  • When not in use for a long period of time, the faucet will automatically activate a flush once every 24 hours, eliminating residue water that can grow bacteria.
  • It has undergone the 96-hour KOHLER® acid salt spray test, proving to be 4 times more long lasting than the 24-hour international standards with strong resistance to corrosion and scratching.
  • It automatically shuts off after 1 minute of continuous use with a delay of less than 2 seconds, which is energy saving and environmentally friendly

Technical Information


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