Toilet seat with bidet functional


Product Overview

Experience a new level of cleansing for daily comfort and confidence. This advanced C3 toilet seat with cleansing functionality uses naturally soothing water as a refreshing, hygienic alternative to toilet tissue. Easy-to-use controls let you adjust the water spray for temperature and pulsating motion-all at the touch of a button.


  • Continuous heating system: Continuous hot water rinse for smoother rinsing and continuous use for multiple people.
  • New toilet seat design helps to improve sitting posture
  • 5 adjustable temperature settings for toilet seat and warm air
  • Effective activated carbon filter deodorizes for a refreshing experience
  • New control panel features bigger commonly used buttons, making it more convenient to use
  • Angle of side control panel angle is more convenient for side grip, covering water pipes more effectively
  • Quick release and dismantling, eliminating blind corner cleaning hassles
  • Two optional flush modes, different cleaning experiences
  • Antibacterial nozzle self-cleaning function, giving you more peace of mind

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