Indoor-outdoor living is at the center of the LUX* Grand Baie experience.

LUX* Grand Baie

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Project Location

Grand Baie, Mauritius

Architects and Designers

JFA Architects & Kelly Hoppen CBE

LUX* Grand Baie is designed to exist in concert with its natural surroundings, echoing the fluid forms of sailboats and exemplifying indoor-outdoor living.

Situated on the main island of Mauritius, LUX* Grand Baie offers a departure from the traditional while honoring the raw materials found in the environment. Lead architect Jean-Francois Adam spent his childhood on the very beach where the resort is located. And his affection for the region is present in every element, resulting in an experience that’s as much a celebration as it is a getaway.

The interiors, conceived by Kelly Hoppen CBE, were similarly inspired by the beauty of the land. Voluminous spaces symbolize a breath of fresh island air, further enticing guests into a world of luxurious relaxation. This energy extends to the guest bathrooms, where travelers can indulge in the waterfall spray of the KOHLER® Loure™ rain panel or the clean comfort of a KOHLER bidet seat. KOHLER Components™ faucets and shower trim in Matte Black complete the aesthetic with a dramatic flair, boldly accenting the neutrally colored villas.

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