A Partnership of Innovation and Imagination

Sharing a passion for thoughtful design and innovation, Kohler is proud to partner with artist Daniel Arsham, whose work explores the fields of fine art, architecture, performance, design, and film. Building on our initial collaboration —Rock.01, a 3D-printed vitreous china and brass sink— we unveiled Divided Layers, a dramatic installation inspired by our 3D-printing technology, at Palazzo del Senato during Milan Design Week.

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Divided Layers

Designed exclusively for Milan Design Week 2022, Divided Layers is a dramatic installation created by Daniel Arsham and inspired by Kohler’s 3D printing process. The immersive exhibit is made of a series of stacked panels combined to form a walkable tunnel. Each panel references a single plane of the 3D-printed clay that layers together to form the Rock.01 sink.

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Virtual Experience

Kohler created a 3D virtual experience of Divided Layers that allows you to immerse yourself in the exhibit and contemplate its commentary on the malleability of space and volume as though you were truly there.