The Show Must Go On(line): Discovering High Design From a Distance

Design professionals around the world share many fundamental experiences in the everyday pursuit of their art. This year in particular, a common theme emerged: the mining of products, materials, and resources in the absence of a long-standing circuit of design shows.

While the rise of digital tools devised expressly for the A&D industry in recent decades has had a meaningful impact on business, an enduring calendar of global fairs and trade shows has always served as a reminder that nothing compares to savoring the real thing. Therefore, the cancellation of this year’s highly anticipated expos has upended the celebrations of intricately planned product launches, experiential installations, and tours, prompting brands and designers to rely even more heavily on technology in order to connect and curate.

Accustomed to attending an entire season’s worth of presentations over a handful of weeks throughout the year, interior designers have had to adapt to the sudden shift from in-person appointments to virtual viewing platforms. This has helped alleviate some anxiety for a profession that thrives on newness and discovery, but for a majority of interior designers, it has been somewhat of a struggle for the last four months as they describe investing more time researching what’s new and notable in an effort to keep up with emerging and established brands. Of course, shelter magazines and design websites are often required reading in any design firm, but there is so much to sift through online that one could soak up an entire day scrolling and swiping.

In the spirit of social media’s rapid delivery of the latest product news, and to contribute to the endless quest for innovation and inspiration, Designful turned to the visually rich environment of Instagram for a glimpse of recent posts devoted to creativity in design. These new twists from beloved artisans evoke a playful energy that radiates through the viewer’s screen, making one all the more eager to resume studio visits, even if at a comfortable distance.

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Account: Emir Polat Studio, Turkey

Highlight: Architectural cabinets

Blog Emir Polat Studio IG photo

Account: Submaterial, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Highlight: Eco-friendly, acoustic absorbing felt walls

Blog Submaterial IG photo

Account: Fadi Sarieddine Design Studio, Dubai, UAE

Highlight: SMediumLXL ceiling light

Blog Fadi Sarieddine IG photo

Account: Wayward Grain, Denver, Colorado

Highlight: The Boulder Canyon dining table and other river-inspired furniture pieces

Blog Wayward Grain IG photo

Account: Geizeer, Milan, Italy

Highlight: Portable air-freshening and cooling device

Blog Geizeer IG photo

Account: Gunter & Co Interiors, London

Highlight: Reproduction Skiffer corner protectors

Blog Gunter & Co IG photo

Account: Tag Fine Arts, London

Highlight: Sculptor Chris Mitton’s 40th anniversary Pac-Man set in Carrara marble

Blog TAG Fine Arts IG photo

Account: Demir Dekorasiya, Baku, Azerbaijan

Highlight: Fabricated metal furniture

Blog Demir Dekorasiya IG photo

Account: Made by Manos, London

Highlight: Mother-of-pearl bud vases

Blog Made By Manos IG photo